Our Japandi designs

What is Japandi design?

Japandi design is the fusion of Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian style. The elegant mix of "Japanese" and "Scandi" elements brings a touch of nature, comfort, charm, and functionality to your interior.

Why Japandi design?

I discover the Japandi design a couple years ago when the trend was all over the internet. I always loved the Japanese minimalism and the Nordic touch of comfort and functionality when it comes to interior design. The mix of both world was just a perfect combination for anyone who wants to decorate one home.

Here at Japandi-designs, we try to bring the Japandi style in every corner of a home: kitchen, living room, bath room, etc. We also created collections featuring colorful patterns on our drinkware and dinnerware, to add more spice to our products.

Our Japandi products!

We only source products we love and you love. We choose them sturdy and fine. And, we customize them to be the perfect decorating element in your cozy home.

We work with a few manufacturers to provide unique and trending products. We value your satisfaction and work toward a seamless customer experience on our shop. If you are craving for a particular design that you didn't find anywhere else, we are waiting to hear from you and do our best to source that product, just for you.